Why Choose Us?

  • Why Choose Us?

    • We are not-for-profit and your children are our main priority
    • We pride ourselves on high quality care and education
    • We provide above regulation staff-to-child ratios and above regulation staff qualifications
    • We have a large number of long-standing staff who have been working at our centre since it opened
    • Our team has a combined 190 years of experience working with young children
    • We cater for a large number of multicultural families (Aboriginal, Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, African, Tongan, Samoan, Maori, Irish, Filipino, and Greek)
    • We cater for and provide support for a number of children with special needs
    • We are next-door to a wonderful public school which a lot of our children transition to
    • No charge for Public Holidays
    • Large rooms and playgrounds
    • We celebrate many special events and have visitors, performers and excursions regularly
    • Family grouping for siblings during our extended hours of care
  • FAQs

    Frequently asked questions
  • How long will I be on the waiting list before being offered a position?

    The waiting list time is hard to predict as it depends on the positions available at our centre and how many people are ahead of you on the waiting list.

    What do the fees cover?

    Our fees cover the hours of care provided (up to 11 hours if required), extra staff supervision and interaction, a planned learning program with a variety of experiences offered daily, special visitors and events, excursions, a personalise portfolio and photo cd, nappies (if required), a hat, sunscreen. Please see the About Us page for our current daily fee. CCB & CCR Approved.

    What do I need to provide?

    You will need to provide your child with a bag, spare clothes, sheets (if required), a drink bottle and food.

    What type of food can my children bring?

    We follow the “Good for kids, Good for life” nutritional guidelines and recommendations. Children are required to have a healthy and nutritious lunchbox consisting of snacks for morning tea and afternoon, as well as something for lunch.

    Do you offer government fee support?

    All families are encouraged to contact Centrelink to see which benefits they are entitled too: Child Care Benefit (CCB) and / or Chid Care Rebate (CCR).

  • Do you provide a school readiness program?

    All children in their final year of care will participate in our Schoolies program. This program focusses on social and emotional skills, early literacy and numeracy, and the development of independence, confidence, attention span, and teamwork. Children also learn Jolly Phonics.

    Do you use technology with the children?

    All of our rooms have an IPad and access to computers for learning purposes.

    Will I receive written information about my child’s progress?

    Staff develop individualised goals for every child and incorporate these into the rooms program. All significant learning experiences are recorded and used for further planning. Each year children will receive a portfolio which shows their progress throughout the year and significant learning experiences, as well as a CD of photos of their time at our centre.

    How do you communicate with families?

    We have an open-door policy and communicate with all families daily. Families are encouraged to arrange a time to speak with staff if needed. All families have a pigeon-hole which is used for correspondence, as well as email for those who choose this option. All families also have access to the family login section of this website and can view our blog and calendar for reminders.

    How can I be involved?

    Because we are a community based centre we have a Management Committee consisting of parents who volunteer to help manage our centre. We also love all of our families to participate in our program, special events, excursions, and provide feedback and suggestions.